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Therapy for Your Relationship

What is an ideal relationship? A traditional relationship? We're not totally sure either, and that's just fine, because it is your relationship. It should work for you and your partner or partners, regardless of any other variables. Regardless of the number of people in the relationship, the sexual orientations or genders, all relationships rely upon the same factors for success, while offering different challenges that may cause you to see a therapist. If none of these apply to you, no worries!


The LGBTQ+ community has often had difficulty finding couples, or relationship therapy that is designed exclusively for their specific relationship. Shelby is proud to offer therapy solutions to this under-served community. Your relationship is unique and it deserves therapy that is uniquely designed for it.


Poly, ENM, and other "non traditional" relationship types

Many people have found that the traditional monogamous relationship dynamic does not work for them, and still others are exploring what does work or works better. As a general rule, the more people in a relationship, the more important it is to communicate effectively. Shelby is very comfortable and familiar discussing different relationship types. Wondering if or where you fit? Call today for a free consultation.


Couples Counseling

The traditional couple is not extinct, nor is couples counseling. The vast majority of couples who seek relationship therapy are in "traditional" relationships. Psychotherapy doesn't judge, and neither does Shelby.

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